When you join our Aquatics team, you’ll ensure everyone stays safe in and around the pool. You’ll help people gain an essential life skill and foster the enjoyment of swimming at any age. If you’re ready to dive into a job that comes with great responsibility and great fun, apply today. View Current Job Openings

Day Camp

When you join our Day Camp team, you’ll be enriching the lives of children when they’re away from home and school. From playing games and doing arts and crafts together, to ensuring children are safe while on field trips, Day Camp staff must care deeply about kids and get joy from seeing them flourish in all sorts of ways. View Current Job Openings

Overnight Camp

When you join our Overnight Camp team, you’ll help kids, teens and even adults discover their potential. You’ll also promote environmental awareness and help to develop future leaders all while working in settings that inspire the body, mind and spirit. View Current Job Openings

Child Care

When you join our Child Care team, you’ll be providing high quality care for children to grow, learn and develop. You’ll help kids play together, safely explore the outdoor environment and gain their first steps toward greater independence. If you love being around youngsters and are energized by their curiosity and spirit, we’d love to meet you. View Current Job Openings

Employment and Immigration Services

Our Employment and Immigration Services team is all about promoting the joy of learning and making newcomers feel welcome. Whether it’s guiding people along their career path, identifying new areas of interest for job seekers, or enabling adults of all ages to acquire new skills, you’ll be influencing others to reach their goals. If you’re able to forge friendships between strangers and build new understandings, our team needs you. View Current Job Openings


When you join our Fitness team, you’ll encourage others to lead more active lives. Whether you’re building relationships with new members or encouraging people to reach their personal health and fitness goals, you’ll be playing a hugerole in building stronger and happier communities. View Current Job Openings

Head Office

When you join our Head Office team, you’ll be working with people who are motivated by our cause and want to use their skills to foster our mission. Whether you are helping ensure our programs run smoothly behind the scenes or you’re in a leadership role, this is a place to build your career and challenge yourself to become an innovator. View Current Job Openings

Health Management

When you join our Health Management team, you’ll be working with community members to increase their fitness levels and enhance their well-being. You could be helping everyone from young children to become more physically active, to older adults who want to ease back into an exercise routine. No matter what you do, you’ll help participants and members attain a better quality of life at every age. View Current Job Openings

Customer Service

Do you enjoy being social and providing guidance to others? If so, our Customer Service team may be just for you. If you like to spread goodwill and enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life, we’d love to meet you – and so would our members and participants. View Current Job Openings


Our Facilities team keeps our work areas and public spaces running smoothly and looking bright and clean. If you can troubleshoot problems and enjoy implementing solutions, this might be the right fit for you. View Current Job Openings