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Welcome to the What Really Matters Newsletter!

As a YMCA volunteer, donor or staff member, you are the driving force behind the What Really Matters campaign. It is your commitment to our community that makes this campaign possible––bringing urgently needed life-enhancing programs and services to underserved neighbourhoods.

Through this e-newsletter, you will be among the first to hear about What Really Matters capital campaign milestones, events and stories. We will be sharing regular updates, profiles and testimonials to keep you up to date and inspired throughout the campaign.

At the Y, we think it's time to get back to the things that matter. That's why we are embarking on a $140 million transformational campaign to reach underserved communities with the programs and services they need to thrive. We have a plan to reach out and serve 200,000 more people by creating four new centres of community in Surrey, Vancouver, Coquitlam and Chilliwack.

When a new YMCA centre opens, it’s just the beginning. It then becomes about the people and programs that come together to create a sense of belonging and a supportive network that has proven time and time again to help people achieve their personal goals. For some this impact can be truly transformational and have an enormous ripple effect on those around them.

Though the world may be unpredictable, one thing remains certain––the YMCA is, and always will be, dedicated to building healthy, confident, secure and connected children and youth, families and communities. When you invest in the Y, you invest in what really matters.

Thank you for your dedication to strengthening community and for investing in what really matters so that, together, we can all reach our potential.

Inner Family Campaign Update

The YMCA believes in giving back to community. We are so proud that the What Really Matters Campaign is being launched by our Inner Family––caring and generous leadership volunteers and staff who are leading by example, setting the pace and investing in what really matters.

Chaired by Mary Anne Davidson with help from Shirley Broadfoot, Brian Hurl, David Woollven and a team of dedicated canvassers, the team is on their way to reaching our ambitious $5 million Inner Family goal.

Thank you to the trustees of the YMCA of Greater Vancouver Foundation for launching the Inner Family Campaign with their $3 million leadership pledge––the largest philanthropic gift ever given to a YMCA in Canada.

The progress we are making is impressive. Yet,  what is more important is having volunteers and staff  lead by example and invest in the community. When the owners invest in the plan, it instills confidence and inspires others to do the same.

Introducing Our Volunteer Team 

Volunteers are the driving force behind this campaign. They believe that, if given the right support and opportunities, every person can thrive. It is their leadership and passion for the health of children and families that are enabling this conversation with the community about what really matters.

In this issue, we are pleased to introduce you to some of the chairs, co-chairs and vice chairs of our cabinets:


We are tremendously pleased to announce that Robert H. Lee is the Honorary Chair of the What Really Matters capital campaign. 

Bob Lee is a highly respected leader in our community––a generous man who believes in the power of the Y in building a healthier future for the Lower Mainland. He is passionate about improving people’s lives through high quality education, health and community facilities that help people achieve their potential. His philanthropic projects reflect those values.

This passion for giving back to the community is a legacy he learned from his father and it is a legacy of giving and the value of philanthropy that Bob is now passing on to his children and grandchildren.

Just like the Lee family has supported the Y, Bob is now lending his help to us so that we can invite more families––just like young Bob and his father many years ago––to come to the Y to take part in life-enhancing activities that change lives.


Robert (Bob) Chan Kent is the President and CEO, Quantum Apparel Group. A member of the Downtown YMCA since 1972, Bob has a long history of service in the local business community and the Y. Since 1977, he has given countless hours to YMCA Capital Campaigns, the YMCA Board of Directors (as both Member and Chair) and the Downtown YMCA Advisory Committee.  Bob was Vice Chair, Board of Directors for YMCA Canada and  also served on the Board of the World Alliance of YMCA’s  based in Geneva, Switzerland. He is  a member of our YMCA's Heritage Club and Ambassador's Club. We are thrilled to have Bob as the Co-Chair for the What Really Matters Campaign, bringing a wealth of campaign experience to help the YMCA invest in community.

What really matters to Bob? “What really matters to me is that the Y continues to deliver quality programs to the community it serves––that those programs are available to everyone regardless of means. I want to see the Y continue as a safe, reliable and welcoming place to come for all.”



Greg D’Avignon is the President and CEO of the Business Council of BC, a 260-member driven policy and advocacy organization comprised of the province’s leading businesses in every sector of the provincial economy and BC’s post-secondary institutions.

A fourth generation British Columbian, for 25 years Mr. D’Avignon has held senior private and public sectors leadership positions including serving the Prime Minister of Canada, and the federal Ministers of National Defence and Justice. Greg is the immediate past-Chair of the BC Cancer Foundation and former Chair of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Greg is a current member of the Board of the YMCA of Greater Vancouver, the Premier’s Aboriginal Business Investment Council and the Academic Health Sciences Network.

Greg enjoys his role as a third line checking forward on his men’s hockey team and as the father of two boys, he loves coaching Little League, minor hockey and getting out to major league baseball games as often as possible. In 2013, Greg received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

What really matters to Greg? “From an early age my family ingrained in me the importance of community, leadership and service to others, values I have tried to instill in my sons. I firmly believe that regardless of your capacity whether it be small or large that acts of service to others through a moment of your time, sharing your talent or resources is vital to a ensuring a prosperous society.  I get great joy and a sense of pride when I am involved in the successful results of the combined acts of people making a difference.”


Mary Anne Davidson, Chair Inner Family Campaign Cabinet

Mary Anne is a Board Director and Human Capital Strategy Consultant. Prior to her consulting business she was the Vice President of Human Resources at Acciona Infrastructure Canada Inc. Mary Anne is busy giving back to community, dedicating countless hours to the YMCA. She is the What Really Matters Inner Family Cabinet Chair, an active member on the WRM Regional Cabinet and Vice-Chair of the YMCA of Greater Vancouver Board, Mary Anne has also been a member of the YMCA for over 30 years but perhaps her most important job to date is being there for her granddaughter.

What really matters to Mary Anne? "Facilitating opportunities for individuals to reach their potential by helping build strong communities."



Tracy Price, Co-Chair, Coquitlam Campaign Cabinet

Tracy leads the Tracy Price Wealth Management Team with RBC Dominion Securities specializing in developing life-long financial strategies based on each client’s vision, life and needs. She is a lifetime Tri-Cities resident growing up in Coquitlam, with Burquitlam in her backyard. She has dedicated countless hours to a number of community initiatives including the Crossroads Hospice Society, Fraser River Discovery Centre, the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, and Douglas College. Tracy is thrilled to be co-chairing the capital campaign to build the new Coquitlam YMCA to support the Tri-Cities and Burnaby communities.

What Really Matters to Tracy? “Located in my old stomping grounds of Burquitlam, this fabulous facility will provide a spacious modern community and recreation facility that  allows our families to feel connected, engaged and empowered.”


Janine Davies, Co-Chair Coquitlam Campaign Cabinet

Janine is the Executive Director of Raymond James Canada Foundation. A private foundation, her role is to manage the philanthropic efforts of the employees, advisors and their clients across Canada.  A strong believer in supporting community,  Janine is a director on the YMCA of Greater Vancouver Board, Co-Chair of the What Really Matters Coquitlam Campaign, the past Chair of the Tri-Cities Chamber for Commerce having participated on the board for 5 years, past Founding President of the Port Coquitlam Community Foundation, and Past Vice Chair and Chair of Corporate Partnership for the Shooting Stars Foundation.

A Port Coquitlam resident, Janine, her wife Susan and ten-year old son Arden, are active community volunteers at all levels. She is happy to share that her son will be attending YMCA Camp Elphinstone in the summer of 2017 for the second time.

What really matters to Janine? “Seeing our community get the tools it needs to help families reach their potential. The new building is just the beginning, it’s also the Y programs that come after that create a stronger, more hopeful and caring community.”


Wayne McAlpine, Chair Chilliwack Campaign Cabinet

Wayne McAlpine has a long history with the Chilliwack community. A resident since 1985, Wayne has supported numerous community organizations as a volunteer, donor and member. Wayne has been a member of the Chilliwack Curling Club since 1985, a volunteer on the distribution committee for the Chilliwack Foundation, served as Past President of the Chilliwack Rotary Club and is a member, long term volunteer and donor at the Chilliwack YMCA. A retired banker, Wayne now enjoys travelling, golfing, curling, YMCA Aquafit classes and spending time with his wife Judy and two sons.

What Really Matters to Wayne? “There is a higher number of children in our area entering kindergarten who are developmentally vulnerable compared to the provincial average, and I think that is unacceptable. We need to do something about that––and a whole lot more.”


Jason Arnold, Vice-Chair Chilliwack Campaign Cabinet

Jason Arnold is a Managing Partner of the Mertin Auto Group in Chilliwack, BC.  Born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario, Jason received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University before beginning his career at General Motors. Over the next nine years he had several management positions that took him to Sudbury, Edmonton, Toronto, Moncton and Oshawa.  In 2007, Jason and his family moved to Chilliwack, BC, where he began working at Mertin Auto Group. In his spare time, Jason enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family, exercising and taking part in many outdoor activities.

What Really Matters to Jason?  “Family matters more than anything else. My wife and two sons will always be at the top of my list. My health and the health of others is very important to me which is one of the main reasons I am supporting the YMCA. Chilliwack has so many great outdoor activities available and all of them can be enjoyed longer, more fully and with fewer injuries by using YMCA facilities and programs as part of our daily routines.”


regional cabinet

Robert H. Lee (Honorary Chair)
Bob Chan Kent (Co-Chair)
Greg D'Avignon (Co-Chair)
Stephen Butz
Mary Anne Davidson
Gavin Hume, Q.C.
Russ Johnston
Dr. Graydon Meneilly
James N. Morton
Houtan Rafii
Catherine Van Alstine
Staff: Darlene Hepburn, George Rodger

Inner family

Mary Anne Davidson (Chair)
Shirley Broadfoot
Brian J. Hurl
David A. Woollven
Kevin Arbogast
Roberta Haas
Coral Henshaw
Kelly Janveaux
Marnie Jepsen
Sheri Josephson
Annie Markvoort
Grant Mosby
Karen Price
Stacey Stewart
Lisa Stiver
Staff: Baily Molotsky

chilliwack CABINET

Wayne McAlpine (Chair)
Jason Arnold (Vice Chair)
Scott Bate
Brian Bilkes
Ken Harder
Ed Kaye
Casey Langbroek
Eddy Mejlholm
Maureen Murphy
Scott Simpson
Staff: Karen Price

Coquitlam CABINET

Janine Davies (Co-Chair)
Tracy Price (Co-Chair)
Marko Dekovic
Leah K. Iverson
Sofia Sayani
Staff: David A. Woollven


Leslie Castellani
Bal Mann
Norman Stowe
Staff: Coral Henshaw