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Top 10 Fitness Tips for Snowmen

Being a snowman can be tough. Just think of poor ol' Frosty sitting on the front lawn all day being totally inactive. That's hard on your core. Here at the YMCA, we're all about helping anyone and everyone reach their potential—even snowmen.

We know it’s not easy. Taking the first step towards health is always the toughest— especially when you don’t have feet. But the Y is here to support our community of snowmen. Here are the top ten fitness tips for snowmen that you can pass along to your favourite Frosty creature.

1) Get another snowman to spot you if you’re doing squats. It’s embarrassing if your arms fall off.

2) Yoga is great for snowman flexibility, but don’t lose your head on downward dog.

3) Drop-in basketball is great for groups of snowmen. No water is allowed on our gym floor though, so be careful if you’re melting.

4) Nothing like a dip in the pool. But stay out of the hot tub.

5) Twenty minutes on the treadmill is a great workout. Thumpity thump thump…

6) Roll With It. Now that’s a class a snowman can really get behind!

7) Good news for snowmen! No hot yoga at the Y. Namaste.

8) Snowmen are naturally adept at basketball. They are good dribblers.

9) Swim lessons are included in your membership. But please, no cannonballs in our pool.

10) Get started today! Don't wait for summer...

Have any more suggestions for snowmen? Tweet us at @greatervanymca using the hashtag #FrostyTips or leave a comment on our Facebook page


A Heartwarming Story for the Holidays

Meet Mitchell Clarke. He’s a volunteer Fitness Instructor with the YMCA Healthy Heart program and he’s also a true survivor. A little over ten years ago, at the age of 50, he suffered a massive heart attack. The scare changed his life. For the next seven years, he hiked and walked five to seven times a week in order to rehabilitate himself. When he started to feel like his old self again, he decided to “slack off” as he put it. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse in 2012, when he wound up back in the hospital with two blocked arteries.

Mitchell’s doctor advised he join the YMCA’s Healthy Heart program.  Since then, Mitchell’s quality of life has greatly improved. “This program not only helped me move past my heart trouble, it totally transformed me and I’m now in excellent physical condition,” shares Mitchell.

Three years later, Mitchell’s doctor told him his heart defect was gone. “I’ve had a remarkable recovery and I believe it’s because of the Healthy Heart program that I am alive today,” he says with a proud smile.

Sugar and Spice, ain't always nice

Snow capped mountains, holiday music…the festive season has arrived! This cheerful time not only brings people together but it also brings some fabulous holiday treats. A treat every now and then in moderation is fine, but you can also try your hand at making your own healthier versions at home.

Gingerbread House

Assembling and eating gingerbread houses are a hit with kids and adults alike. Lots of stores sell pre-made kits, with all the materials to construct a solid house. However, these kits are often full of sugar and preservatives. Interested in a little DIY gingerbread house project? Try this one!

DIY Gingerbread House

  • Graham crackers (walls/roof)
  • Peanut butter or cream cheese (glue that holds the crackers together)
  • Coconut flakes (hello, snow!)
  • Dried fruit (decoration)

Et voila! Your own custom made gingerbread house without all the sugar.

Gingerbread Cookies

Along with gingerbread houses, the cookies are equally as delicious and as fun to decorate. Pheebs Foods has a healthy gingerbread cookie receipe that contains no sugar, flour or butter!

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are a must during the holidays, but as their name implies, they’re not the best for us. Check out The Iron You’s Almond Flour Coconut Sugar Cookies, made with coconut and almond flour, They're gluten-free, grain-free, and even paleo-friendly.


The Big Man’s World has come up with a brownie recipe that not many could object to—with just two ingredients. One is a fruit, this one is a no brainer. Since it's the holidays, here’s a little trick that will make your brownies extra tasty without too much added sugar: grind up some candy canes and add them on top of your almost done brownies. Watch the candy cane glaze over, and then…enjoy!

Got a recipe you’d like to share? Share it with us on our Facebook page!

Jr. NBA Launching at Langara Family YMCA

Calling all kindergarteners and grade 1 boys and girls! The Jr. NBA program is an entry-level program that introduces basketball to kids ages 5 to 7 in a fun, active and healthy learning environment. In partnership with NBA Canada, this 10-week program includes fun drills and modified games created by NBA approved basketball experts. Equipment and activities are modified to be age-appropriate and fun!  No experience is required.

Location: Langara Family YMCA (282 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver)

Dates: February 3 – May 5, 2017

Day/Time: Fridays at 5:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m.

Cost: $129 (financial assistance is available)

Click here to learn more or register.


Thanks to Craft Beer Market for their support of our cause

We’d like to thank Craft Beer Market (85 West 1st Ave, Vancouver)for choosing the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign as the charitable recipient of their “Community Brew”.  This means every time someone buys the Steamworks Kitchen Gose Mad beer between December 6, 2016 and March 7, 2017, $1 will go towards the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. This will help ensure every vulnerable kid in our community can access life-enhancing YMCA programs regardless of their ability to pay.







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Have you been a member of the Y for a while? Just a reminder that the only way we can get ahold of your friends and family in case of emergency is we have their current information. Adding a cell or home number as a backup is a good idea. 
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