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Don’t be!  Just reframe them.  According to YMCA Health and Fitness Manager, Liia Vuur, the key to staying motivated is to frame your goals in a positive light. Don't focus on what you must lose, focus on what you stand to gain! For example, try telling yourself "I am going to run to feel more energetic", rather than saying "I am going to run to lose weight.

Another tip? Set goals that extend beyond yourself. 

Liia says it's natural to want to feel like a hero or heroine of your own stories. Why not take inspiration from a loved one and imagine how they might benefit from your vision. "You could tell yourself that you will eat healthier this year in order to be a better role model for your child," offers Liia. "In this way, the goal has benefits with a ripple effect."

Seeing your goals through the eyes of others is another tool to stay on track. "Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective on what motivates us," says Liia. Why not test out these tips yourself? The results might surprise you.