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15 Signs You Went to Camp as a Kid

When it comes to planning summer activities for your children, summer camp is part of many family plans. If you went to camp as a kid yourself, you know all about the fun and benefits camp offers...and you probably also have a few other indicators that you were a camp kid too. You know you’re a camp kid if...

  1. Your drawers are filled with camp t-shirts that you refuse to get rid of or still wear to bed

  2. Handmade “camp art”––including dream catchers, macrame and paper mache––is still lurking in your family’s home

  3. You can throw a costume together for any event at the drop of a hat

  4. You can make a mean tie dye shirt

  5. You have secret survival skills like fort building, knot-tying and making a campfire with just one match

  6. You aren't phased by the need to put together a skit at a moment's notice

  7. You answer to a camp name like Bumblebee, Kookabura, Sunshine or Tiger

  8. You dreamed of becoming a camp counsellor

  9. Standing up in front of a crowd is no problem

  10. You can still remember those “repeat after me” songs from camp dinners (which is also a great wedding party trick!)

  11. You know exactly what a tuk shop is

  12. There's a bunk out there with your signature on it

  13. You know what GORP stands for and believe it is a great meal replacement

  14. You have multiple rope, yarn or gimp bracelets

  15. You have no problem sleeping in a room with 10 other people you barely know

We often hear stories from camp referred to as many people'smost favourite memories. Want to share other signs you went to camp as a kid? Visit us on Facebook!

And don’t forget...there’s still time to register your kids for camp! Select camps and dates are already full, so register soon to avoid disappointment. Register by May 15th for your chance to win a GIANT® mountain bike! 


We want to hear from you!  

At the YMCA, we’re always looking for ways to improve your experience. That’s why each year we seek feedback from our members so we can serve you even better. It’s important for us to understand how we can help you reach your goals. We’re also keen to learn more about what you’d like to see at the Y in the future.

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Happy Mother's Day

We love Moms at the Y. From dropping your kids off at swim lessons each week and registering them for Tae Kwon Do to making sure they’ve got the right stuff packed in their bag for camp—we simply couldn’t do what we do without you!

We checked in with some of the kiddos at YMCA Kids Clubs to find out their favourite thing about their Moms. Here’s what they had to say:

"What makes my mom special is that she makes me smile everyday."
 Lauren, age 11

"The best thing about my mom is she's a great cook."
—Maddie, age 9

"The best thing about my mom is that she always has my back and she loves me."
Kenza, age 10

"I love my mom because she smells good." 
Robert, age 6
"I love my mom because she works, she has a good job, and because she makes dinner every night."
Wyatt, age 7

"The best thing about my mom is that she's very funny."
Matthew, age 7

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Y Moms. Thank you for all you do! 

5 Days. 5 Ways? More like all ways and all days for Jennifer!

Have you noticed the bright and colourful 5 Days 5 Ways poster boards in our fitness areas? Our members have been sharing all of the ways they like to be active at the Y and we’ve been amazed by their stories.

Case in point? One sticker at the Chilliwack Family YMCA led us to a member named Jennifer. Her fitness comeback has been nothing short of remarkable. She first became a member of the Y in March 2014 after suffering an almost fatal stroke due to blood clots in her brain. Following weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation, she felt lucky to be alive and was excited about regaining her vitality. Her doctors recommended that she join the Chilliwack Family YMCA to help her get her get strong again.

At first, going to the gym was daunting when even some of the simplest physical tasks in her life were a struggle. She started out with basic exercises and then slowly started to see progress.  Physically, she was improving but emotionally some days were harder than others. 

On those dark days, whenever Jennifer needed a lift, the staff at the Chilliwack Y were there for her. “Whether it was a pep talk, an encouraging smile or cheering on my progress, I felt like I had a whole team on my side,” says Jennifer. “Whenever I was down, they lifted my spirits. There’s no way I could have done it without their help.” 

The wide variety of options and drop-in fitness classes at the Y keeps Jennifer coming back for more and she still comes in two to four times each week. 

How is she doing now? Incredible.

She’s eliminated the use of her walker, she’s resumed driving and she’s lost more than fifty pounds. Her accomplishments have enabled her to spend more quality time with her family and her grandchildren, which are the most important thing in her life.

Jennifer’s looking forward to trying more classes at the Y. “I can’t wait until my balance is strong enough to practise yoga. That’s my next goal!”  

Jennifer says her success is due in no small part to the dedicated staff at the Chilliwack Family YMCA.

“I will continue my path to wellness knowing that the YMCA is there for me on this journey. I hope my story will inspire others. I would personally like to thank staff members Karen Bester, Carolyn Pinsent and, Martha for their support. Y volunteers Gary, Ruth and Bev’s smiling faces have also given me the courage to carry on. From the moment I walk through the front door, until the moment I leave, everyone makes you feel like you’re part of a huge family. “ 

Thank you Jennifer! Keep enjoying your family and friends! We’re rooting for you.

There’s a whole lot of walking going on around here!

First up, on May 26, it’s our annual YMCA Walk for Strong Kids. This means every child from YMCA Child Care centres and our Kids Clubs will walk to raise funds so the Y remains accessible to everyone - regardless of their ability to pay.

On this day, kids from YMCAs across Greater Vancouver will get out in the fresh air to promote physical activity and do their part to ensure all kids and youth can benefit from what the Y offers.  What else is special about this event? Each and every participant - even the tiniest walkers- are raising funds to support our campaign. Talk about dedication to the cause. 

Next up is the Walk of Life on Saturday, June 4.

Want to support cardiac rehabilitation programs in your community? Join us for the seventh annual Walk of Life on June 4th at the Hillcrest Middle School in Coquitlam. This annual 1k, 3k and 5k walk raises funds to ensure the YMCA’s Healthy Heart program is accessible to everyone who needs it. It’s also an opportunity to promote cardiac health and get outside for a great purpose.

Cost to register is $25 per adult or free with $150 or more in pledges. Cost for students is $25 or free with $50 or more in pledges. Children 18 and under are free.  The event kicks off at 8:00 a.m. with a light breakfast, presentations, exhibits and more. The official walk starts at 9:45 a.m. A children’s program, medal ceremony and a lunch will follow.

To register and see the full schedule of events 

The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada is pleased to have the YMCA of Greater Vancouver benefiting from the National Walk of Life campaign.

Don’t forget to nominate a peacemaker for a YMCA Power of Peace Award

Do know of someone who’s working hard to give back to their community and expects nothing in return? Are you inspired by someone’s efforts to make the world a better place? We’re always amazed by the people in our lives who go above and beyond for the greater good. The YMCA  Power of Peace Awards gives us an opportunity to celebrate local people who are making an impact in their own unique way. This year’s event happens on November 17, 2016 at the Norman Rothstein Theatre in Vancouver. Watch this space for details on tickets, special guests and more.

If you’ve been inspired by a peacemaker in your life, tell us and submit a nomination for a YMCA Power of Peace Award.

The deadline is June 15, 2016. To learn more about the event and to complete a nomination form