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At the YMCA, we’re often touched by the triumphant personal stories our members share with us. Blaine Dares recently joined the Robert Lee YMCA after a long history of sedentary living. His experience has been nothing short of transformational.

As an IT professional working from home, he wasn’t used to venturing too far from his computer. After working for 18 hours a day for more than three years in a row, he realized it was time for a change. He joined the YMCA in a quest to get healthier. He says he was scared about high-pressured sales tactics and a “Muscle Man” atmosphere, but he was thoroughly surprised to discover a friendly environment, helpful staff and top-notch fitness instructors and equipment. Since becoming a member, he’s found a place where he belongs. “When I finish a workout, I feel like I’ve just won the Stanley Cup!” says Blaine with an ear-to-ear grin.

Our all-inclusive memberships enable people like Blaine to get healthier in a fun, supportive environment that offers something for everyone.