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30 years ago, Fred Morley worked in a stressful job with long hours where he felt unappreciated. Realizing this lifestyle was taking a toll on his body, Fred's friend convinced him to join the YMCA in downtown Vancouver. "I'd leave the office stressed and by the time I left the YMCA, I was in a good mood again." Fred met people at the YMCA who got him active and made him feel like he belonged to something special. "I joined a marathon clinic - a group of 300 people who met every Sunday," he says. "I learned to run efficiently and met a group of people with whom I still remain friends."

Since the opening of the new Robert Lee YMCA, Fred is both a devoted member and volunteer. He can often be seen there three days a week, giving tours or working up a sweat. When he walks into his YMCA, he knows he's home. "The YMCA is my only club."

Fred credits his YMCA for helping him to reach his potential. "I'm not sure where I'd be without the YMCA," he says with a warm smile.