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Jeannine Paradis' neighbour introduced her to the YMCA when she was facing tough health challenges on a fixed income. She joined in 2010 and quickly became involved in Aquafit. "I love swimming," she says. "I have to attend a lot of hospital visits and take a lot of medication to deal with my health issues, so I'm so grateful when I can come to the YMCA, relax, enjoy other people and forget about everything."

Jeannine weighed 250 pounds and was having difficulty breathing before joining the YMCA. A heart attack and a battle with ovarian cancer many years ago have made for a very difficult journey. "The Aquafit classes are full of people of all ages and abilities," she says. "My instructor gives me individual attention and really helps me feel more secure about myself by tailoring the program based on my health needs."

After losing 65 pounds and dropping five dress sizes, Jeannine is determined to keep pursuing greater health. "I used to walk everywhere and travel a lot to see my children and grandchildren," she says. "If I get strong enough, I'll be able to move from the pool to the upstairs gym too - looking after my health is most important to me now."

Jeannine says that she would be depressed without these programs. "What's not to love about the YMCA?" says Jeannine. "Their programs work and everybody is so nice."