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One of our Robert Lee YMCA members, Mike Fulton, shares his story of how personal training made a difference in his life:

In addition to the numerous health conditions that I deal with on a daily basis, I recently had two kidney transplants. Before that I was on dialysis for many years. Because of this, working to keep a healthy mind and body is extremely important to me.

So I made the decision to hire one of the personal trainers. My workouts at the gym had been going very well and I felt great. But lately I found I was hitting a plateau with my routine and wanted to ensure I was getting the best results possible for the time I was spending at the gym.

I decided to hire Patrick McAloney from the Robert Lee YMCA to be my personal trainer, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Patrick is not just an amazing person but incredibly compassionate and genuinely concerned for my health and well-being.

I explained to him on our initial consult the health issues I have and felt very comfortable that he fully understood what I was dealing with. Patrick also made the extra effort to understand the limitations I face. When we are working out in the gym together, he is very conscious of the fact that I can’t see and makes it a point to be sure I am aware of obstacles as he is guiding me through the gym and exercises. In the few weeks we have trained together he has been able to improve my workouts tenfold…I don’t think I have ever sweat so much!

I feel amazing and want to thank everyone at the YMCA, but especially Patrick.


Mike Fulton and Guide Dog Cody