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Here’s a great story from Bal Singh, a member at the Tong Louie Family YMCA who took advantage of our 5 Days 5 Ways challenge.

Bal was happy in his normal routine of weights and running on the treadmill. Recently his personal trainer, David, encouraged him to try some different activities at the Y.  “I thought Bal might benefit from some of the other fitness programs we have. It was a perfect opportunity to expand beyond his normal routine,” said David.

“To be honest, I wasn’t excited about working out in a group class at first. I’ve never done one before,” comments Bal.  However, it didn’t take long for him to become a believer. 

“I tried a Synergy class. It was fantastic! They showed me exercises I’ve never done before and I pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do.” Next was a yoga class. “It was harder than it looks. But I see why people get hooked on yoga. I felt amazing afterwards,” says Bal.

“It’s been great. Not only do I feel better, I’m having more fun and meeting new people.“

What’s next on Bal’s list? A Zumba® class!  “I never thought I would do a Zumba® class, but with some encouragement from the team here, I’m willing to give it a try…and I convinced Coral  (Tong Louie Family YMCA Membership Manager) to come with me!”

Keep going Bal!

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