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Posted 12/02/2020 11:07:55 AM by Yvonne Chelczynski

Lending Library

There's more to see in the CCRR Early Learning Lending Libraries! We have new resources that will thrill you, and the children in your care! 

Sensory and Emotions: T1-13398

Each star has a different texture, colour and sound. Encourage Children's understanding of feelings by exploring the collection of faces depicted on the rocks. They can be used to tell a story or describe an event. The pirate wheel fosters attention and stimulates fine motor skills.  Ages: 2+

Wavy Path: T1-15162

Stimulate gross motor skills, balance & movement coordination, spatial concepts while also enhancing muscle and tactile stimulation. The path can be straight or curved and may lead to anywhere the imagination takes you.  Ages: 2+

Gnome Land: T1-00934

Whether the interest may be trees, flowers, seasons, nature or magical beings children can explore it through this set.  Ages: 3+


Lacing Set: T1-12762

Little hands and fingers can enhance gross and fine motor skills with this lacing manipulative. Ages: 1+

Seven Rainbow Friends: T1-13851

Nurture open-ended play with our Seven Rainbow Friends and multi-size half circle panels. They can be used for building in your block areas or incorporated with other loose parts manipulative to attract enthusiastic enquiry. Ages: 2+

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