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  • Mental Wellness: Seven Tips to Reduce Stigma

    Posted 10/03/2018 5:24:16 PM by Vanessa Smit

    Stress, anxiety and low mood are a few things that one in five Canadians may experience in any given year. Yet, many people are not fully aware of the mental health challenges that we or someone we know could be facing daily. Furthermore, there are often negative stereotypes, also known as stigma, for lots of people with mental health challenges. Additionally, many mental health concerns first appear during adolescence and what we know is that the stigma around mental health can affect young people differently than adults. And that’s why we offer YMCA Mindfulness programs for young adults between 13-30 years old.

  • Plusone Mentoring Announcement

    Posted 09/03/2018 8:09:38 PM by Vanessa Smit

    On Tuesday, February 20th Cloverdale-Langley City Member of Parliament John Aldag announced $5 million in federal funding from the National Crime Prevention Strategy to the YMCA Plusone Mentoring program. 

  • How The First Tee of Greater Vancouver Brings a Fresh Approach to Learning Golf

    Posted 07/03/2018 6:45:50 PM by Oliver Lam

    Through golf, youth not only develop the fundamental skills of the game but life-enhancing values as well.

    The First Tee, YMCA Camps