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Whether you’re new to the Y or have been a member for several years, you’ve likely found a routine that works for you. You have your favourite stationary bike or treadmill, know a drop-in fitness class that works for you and probably have a preferred locker to use. 

So why change things up? 

If you are trying to achieve new fitness goals, many people try to do more of the same thing instead of adding variety to their workout.  The additional repetition might be doing more harm than good.  Your body might not appreciate the increased level of impact and your mind may start to get tired of the extra workload. 

During our 5 Days 5 Ways promotion at the YMCA, we’re encouraging our members to try being active in different ways. 

Break out of your comfort zone and give something new a try! Here are five recommendations: 

MOSSA Group Power -  High repetition training, athletic movements and a personalized training approach are key components of this results-driven workout. With new music every month, this is the most fun you’ll have strength training.

Badminton - Has it been a while since you’ve hit the birdie around? Don’t have a racquet anymore? No problem. We will set up the nets and can even loan you the equipment to play. 

Aquafit - If you haven’t tried Aquafit before, you are missing a great low-impact workout. We have passionate groups of people hopping in the pool getting exercise. Training for the Sun Run but your feet need a day off? This is a perfect addition to your training program. 

Zumba® - Maybe you feel like you don’t have the moves needed for dance class. Don’t worry. This is a fun class where everyone learns as they go along. You will move every part of your body to latin music! 

Bootcamp - This class offers different levels of intensity to satisfy any level of fitness. What surprises people is how much fun this class is. Bring a friend or meet fellow bootcampers in the class! 

Know someone who wants to try the Y? They can sign up for a free 5 day pass

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