Posted 02/08/2019 12:39:51 PM by Gordon Goldsmith

You may have heard about our new online registration system––Dynamics for Membership (DfM)––through our e-newsletter and posters in your branch. This new system will make it easier for you and your family to register for programs, manage your account and more.

We had initially planned to launch the new system in August; however, we have decided to delay the launch. A number of YMCAs elsewhere in the country have gone live with DfM and we want to learn from their experiences before we launch here. We want you to have the best possible product and taking a pause will get the job done more effectively. 

We do not have a new launch date at this time but will let you know when we do.

We previously announced that online registration at would not be available in August. This will no longer be the case and we invite you to register online as usual or contact your local program or branch.

The YMCA team is committed to making your experience positive and convenient. DfM is a big part of that and we want to get it right! Stay tuned for more updates when more information is known.

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