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Tammy found the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship and move to Vancouver with her daughter Janika, 4 years old. They settled in an inner-city neighbourhood where nearly 40 per cent of children are vulnerable and need support.  

Eager to have a new start in life, Tammy turned to the YMCA for support. Through the Bob and Kay Ackles YMCA Nanook House she found her young daughter a safe and nurturing environment with programs to support her early development.   

But she found much more than a child care centre—what she found is more of a second home. “My daughter is blossoming here,” says Tammy. “I’ve also met many other parents who have lived through a lot that I can relate to.  They’re now my friends, my community.”   

With assistance from the YMCA of Greater Vancouver, thanks to the funds raised by the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, Tammy also finished her high school diploma. Through the YMCA Youth Internship Program, Tammy is now working with the Department of Justice.   

“I can already tell how my new experiences have changed me. I have so much more confidence now,” says Tammy. “I don’t believe my life would be this stable and satisfying without the support of the YMCA.” 

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