Posted 22/01/2019 1:37:09 PM by Gordon Goldsmith

How thoughtful! Someone gives you the gift of better health and wants to support your fitness goals.

But wait. Like any gift, is it sending the right message? How would you feel if you received personal training as a gift?

We asked some YMCA staff members about it and here is what they said. Names have been removed to keep it anonymous.

  • “Yes! But I think there should be a conversation first to make sure I’m going to actually use them.”
  • “Only if I’ve said, ‘I wish I had a personal trainer!’ Otherwise, it could be a surprise gone awry.”
  • “Ummmm. I think I’d rather get concert tickets.”
  • “Depends on who gave it to me. It would be great from my boyfriend who knows I would appreciate it. My dad? Not so much…”
  • “Just because my wife bought me a watch doesn’t mean I’m late all the time. OK. Bad example. But I’d still like to work with a personal trainer.”
  • “If we went together to the sessions, that would be more fun.”
  • “I would totally appreciate it! Just as my husband would totally appreciate eating salad and quinoa for a whole week…”  
  • “As long as there was something nice written in the card.”
  • “Sure! Nothing says 'I love you the way you are' like personal training does. Just kidding. It’s a pretty thoughtful gift.”

So the verdict is that it might be best to discuss with the recipient first to ensure you don’t wind up using them yourself—which isn’t a bad thing.

What do you think? Feel free to leave comments below.

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