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It’s a new year and everyone is making resolutions around their health. Amazing! But how do you make those resolutions stick by staying motivated the whole year?
We asked some of our members who use the Y frequently about what motivation means to them. Not surprisingly, they shared a variety of answers. Here are just some of the things our members told us: 
  • “Feeling comfortable in my own skin is important to me. I come to the Y regularly and exercise to make sure this is the case!”
  • “The group fitness classes are motivation enough! The instructors are awesome. Wednesday night Bootcamp at the (Robert Lee YMCA) with James is SO fun!! It's like being in a club that makes you fit.”
  • “The only way I will look 40 when I'm 50 is if I stay active. That's my motivation!”
  • “I want to get a letter from the Prime Minister when I turn 100. A sure-fire way to support that is by staying active and exercising regularly.”
  • “Have you ever had a runner’s high? If you did, you wouldn't need to ask me that question.”
  • “My friends and I come to work out so we can go out for a yummy dinner afterwards—it's the best of all worlds! We exercise, socialize and enjoy!”
Working out with friends is a great way to stay motivated

As one member noted above, working out with friends can be a big motivator. And now is a great time for your friends to join as we’ve waived the joiner fee in January. That’s a savings of up to $75! So, bring a friend into your Y this month, or send them to our promotions page for more details and a 1-day free trial. 

The Y is also a great place to meet workout partners and make friends!

It’s a place to grow your connections, as well as strength. As one member at the Robert Lee YMCA recently shared:
“I’ve been coming to the Robert Lee YMCA since its re-opening from renovations some eight years ago. There have been many gyms come and go since then; some flashy with boast-worthy luxuries such as eucalyptus-infused towels and others offering intriguing price points with sweeping views of the ocean. And I’ll admit, I’ve taken a couple of “free weekly passes” and considered the colour of the grass on the other side.
Yet here I am writing this from a bike on the gym’s top floor, a game of pick-up basketball has materialized through the glass in front of me, with its energy only exceeded by the kinesis class taking place behind me where a diverse group struggles equally and together.
With all that in front of and behind me, it’s the friends around me, made up of fellow patrons and staff alike that make the Robert Lee YMCA special. We have great machines here but it’s the people that keep me coming back.”
And there truly is strength in numbers. Hilary Muth, Membership Experience Manager at the Robert Lee YMCA, recently shared how she found motivation through group fitness. Take a read through to see which group fitness classes she tried out if you need some inspiration! Do you ever feel frustrated? Check out this sage advice by Liia Vuur, General Manager at the Robert Lee YMCA, on what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your fitness goals!
To everyone who contributed, thank you for sharing your stories! To those reading, what’s your plan for keeping your motivation high throughout the year? Let us know in the comments section.

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