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For Wivine Temanya, supporting children in their growth and development is what brings her joy and motivates her each day. The YMCA has been a part of Wivine's life for the past year and eight months, and she continues to be a bright light in the lives of all the families and children she works with at Robert Lee Family YMCA's Coast Capital Savings Child Care Centre. A graduate of the Early Childhood Education program at Vancouver Career College, Wivine brings patience, creativity and amazing storytelling abilities to the YMCA child care team, and we are extremely grateful for all the work she does to help children reach their potential. This is our #YSpotlight on Wivine Temanya!

Why did you choose to pursue a career as an ECE?
I love working with children. It makes me feel good to care for them and to make sure they're happy. Also, I enjoy seeing them learn and develop, and to be able to witness the positive changes that take place when it comes to their group play and ability to socialize is why wanted to become an ECE.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Seeing the childrens' personalities develop along the way and helping them to reach their potential is pretty special.

What’s one moment you’ve experienced as an ECE that holds a special place in your heart?
A couple of moments come to mind for me. The first would be when I received a piece of art from one of the students. The other was working with an autisic child and eventually seeing this child begin to interact more and improve in a variety of ways—that was just a great feeling.

What’s one aspect of the job that has been a pleasant surprise?
The leadership opportunities I've been given. Having the chance to be the acting program lead in the 3 to 5 program was fun and exciting.

What advice would you give to those currently pursuing a career as an ECE?
There will be some rough times along the way, but it's totally worth it in the end. There will always be challenges, but there's so many exciting things to experience in this field.


Looking for child care?
Did you know that the YMCA is Canada's largest child care provider? All of our programs (infant care, toddler care, 3-5 care, preschool) foster the physical, social and mental development of your child. We operate YMCA child care centres in several cities including, Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Chilliwack, Gibsons and Squamish. To find a centre in your area and to register your child, click here

Looking for a career with a purpose?
Whether it's Wivine Temanya, Ashliegh Debert or Ruth Haugen, the YMCA has been the employer of choice for many early childhood educators. Interested in joining the Y child care team? Click here for available opportunities.

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