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**August 1st update. Please note that an earlier version of the this story had DfM launching this summer. We have delayed the launch and will update this story once a new date has been selected. 

The YMCA of Greater Vancouver is technologically moving forward, and we’re pretty excited about it! If you tuned into our June e-news, you might have read about how we’ve been working hard to enhance your YMCA experience with a system called Dynamics for Membership (DfM). To keep up with our growing community, we want to continue evolving the many ways we serve and support you. DfM is a technology designed to replace our current registration system. The new technology will help us bring our registration and payment systems up-to-date.

What does that mean for you?

The goal is to make life a little easier for you. The new system will allow you to update and maintain much of your account information online and many of our programs will accept online registration and payment. Aside from online registration and payment, through the rollout, DfM will also allow you to:*

  • Maintain contact information
  • Maintain family account information
  • Register for memberships
  • Request financial support
  • Book courts
  • Book Personal Training sessions
  • Make payments
  • Make donations

What to expect?

There will be a blackout period prior to switching over. The blackout period is when we officially switch over from Class—our current online registration system—to DfM. This means you won’t be able to use our current system for regular tasks and functions like online program registration. Therefore, during the blackout period, we will need to process certain things manually. During the blackout, members and participants are encouraged to register for a program either through phone or email. For information on how to register during the blackout period, please contact your membership center or program.

With new technology comes new learnings for everyone. We want to thank you in advance for your patience while we take this big step forward. Thanks again for sticking with us while we make the switch!

Have you got questions? Please contact your local membership center, and someone will be happy to assist.

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