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Whether it’s for one night or an entire week, an outdoor education experience is the highlight of the school year for many students. There’s no question that spending time overnight in a camp setting can be a nerve-wracking experience for many kids, but that challenge of working through any reservations about going is one of the many reasons why it is such a beneficial experience; but that’s not the only reason. Here are a few aspects of outdoor education that put a BIG smile on our faces.

Confidence builder
Whether it’s taking that first step onto the ferry or giving a ropes course a try for the first time, there are many different situations and moments that arise during outdoor ed that can be challenging and unsettling for kids. Even though outdoor education programs can make kids step out of their comfort zone, when they are able to overcome any trepidation they may have, the end result is much more confident individuals who see what they are capable of achieving.

Promotes an active lifestyle
It comes as no surprise that a large component of any outdoor education program is ensuring that kids spend time connecting with nature, participating in activities that take place outside and staying as active as possible each day. For many campers who aren't the "outdoor-sy" type, all the fun they have while at outdoor ed tends to open the eyes of these kids as to how enjoyable and beneficial it is to spend time outside whenever possible and get their hearts pumping through games, exercises or any activity that help them to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Develops social skills
We love that outdoor education not only keep kids active but that it also provides them with the rare opportunity to connect with all their peers and even their teachers. Whether a child is naturally social or more on the shy side, there is always more room for youth to develop socially. This happens during campfire when kids sing songs together, through sports and games that are played where kids are challenged to use their oustide voices and communicate with one another or even during breaks in the day when they come across a teacher who asks how their experience is going. All these situations give kids a reason to socialize and the more connecting that happens the more friendships are created.

Did you know?
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