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Guest author - Hilary Muth - Robert Lee YMCA 

When I started my new job at the Y, I thought it would make exercising convenient. Since I was already at the gym, I would easily be motivated enough to workout before or after work. Unfortunately, like many people, I grew tired of my workouts and, slowly, I started to lose my motivation. Before long, I realized I had not ventured up to the fitness floor in days. I knew that something had to change. I decided that in May, I would try a new group fitness class each week. 

I started by attending the Pure Step class on Sundays. Before the class, I was worried about my lack of coordination. I was nervous that I would not be able to keep up, or worse, that I would fall off the step! However, the instructor did a fantastic job at breaking down the different parts of the routine and providing modifications to movements so that everyone was able to participate at a level of intensity that they were comfortable. The class flew by and I left super sweaty, feeling a lot more confident in knowing the basic step combinations and, with my pride still intact, having not fallen off the step. 

The following week, I added Body Blast to my workout schedule. I imagined the class would be a typical core workout, with sit-ups, a bit of bicycle, and the dreaded plank. I could not have been more wrong or more sore! The class is designed with three sets, each containing three of four different exercises repeated two or three times. By the time we started the second set, my core muscles were engaged and working hard. 

I'll admit it. I was sore for days following the class. 

With such an intense workout and the instructor's positivity, it comes as no surprise that Body Blast has a dedicated group of attendees. 

The week after, I gave Bootcamp a try and it was awesome. The instructor designs her class using time instead of repetitions. In this way, everyone can partake, regardless of his or their fitness level, and participants are continually moving throughout the entire 45-minute class.

What have I learned so far? Group fitness classes are awesome! They are a great way to break out of your current gym routine (or rut, if you are feeling like me). I found the group dynamic pushed me and motived me to keep going when I felt like giving up. I learned new exercises that I am excited to incorporate into my own workouts. Most of all, I started to look forward to getting my sweat on. 

In the coming weeks, I am planning to attend Wednesday Cycle Express at lunchtime, and I am going to venture to Langara Family YMCA to try out Synrgy Express. If you are looking to change up your routine or need a bit of motivation, I would highly recommend trying one of the many amazing group fitness classes the YMCA has to offer. With tons of classes every week, you are guaranteed to find one that suits your style and makes exercising fun and enjoyable. 

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