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The Chilliwack YMCA had an incredible opening on February 18, 2019—Family Day! 

Besides a new centre of community that is 25 per cent larger, we have a few new programs that we are excited to be piloting in Chilliwack. 

Q Strength

A great multi-fitness class for all levels of exercisers using Queenax equipment. It's also more than just strength training. The routines alternate with cardio exercises as well. Each exercise uses equipment you may not use every day, making this class a great way to add variety into your fitness routine. 

Y Play 

We believe every time a child visits the YMCA, it’s a chance for a developmental opportunity. For children five and under, we have modified our childminding model. 

Y Play is an age-appropriate curriculum that provides children with the opportunity to develop their bodies and minds through play-based activities (i.e. singing, reading, creation play, building play), which support the foundations of language, literacy, math, science and the arts, and a level of physical activity that follows the recommended guidelines for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Have a look at the video tour below:

To see more photos and learn more about the Chilliwack YMCA, visit the location page here.

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