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There are many great stories from teams who enter the Ride to Conquer Cancer. We are happy to share this one from Team CTV. 

In 2015, team member Susan Rutledge received the devastating news that her 13-year-old son Nick was diagnosed with a rare form of life-threatening nasal cancer. Sue and some of her close friends gathered after hearing the news. Her friend Lisa Letwin, who works at CTV with Sue, suggested they enter the Ride to Conquer Cancer with some of their co-workers. Sue agreed to join Lisa on the 250 k.m. ride to Seattle. Others at CTV supported the two women by being the pit crew and driving support. Sue found time to train in between emotional cancer appointments for Nick by attending 6 a.m. Cyclefit classes at the Robert Lee YMCA with Lisa. 

Everyone wanted to do something for Nick. Each year, more of Sue’s family and friends joined Team CTV to ride and raise money for cancer and dubbed themselves “Team Nick.” Nick was there cheering them on at the finish line as he whipped off his touque showing off his bald head in support of other cancer survivors. Sue’s husband and eldest son also joined the other support vehicles alongside Lisa and Sue while they endured the two-day biking challenge, supplying coffees, shoulder rubs and encouraging hugs.

Both women, who are in their 50s, were proud to complete the arduous ride. Before they started training, they didn't even own bikes! 

Team CTV continues to expand. Lisa and Sue are currently training for their fourth Ride to Conquer Cancer. Nick is miraculously busy skiing, mountain biking and being a healthy teenager. Friends, family, and, of course, Nick, continue to drive their support vehicles alongside the two women as they push themselves up the hills and along the long stretches of road every year. 

Lisa continues to train and exercise at the YMCA for the demanding ride. "I love the energy and enthusiasm of the Y as well as the beautiful facilities," she says. "Liia Vuur, the General Manager at the Robert Lee Y, was beyond gracious and generous with her time to support our team. She even taught a CycleFit herself class for us. We loved it! We can’t wait to go back to the YMCA!" 


Good luck to everyone on Team CTV in their efforts to support Nick! 

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