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Neighbourhoods are lined with campaign signs, political headlines abound, climate strikes are seeing thousands attend and social media is sharing opinions in abundance. Not sure where to start with this month's Federal Election?

With all the hype, it can be easy to forget that the actual act of voting is relatively simple. Get as informed as you can, then choose a candidate or party and just get out and vote. Even if you only have time to do a little bit of research, it's better to vote than stay home.

After all, this country we call home is a pretty amazing place and we need to work together to keep it growing strong.
Here are a few steps to help you get involved in the federal election—whether you simply want to vote or get a little more involved:
I want to vote I want to get more involved
  • Visit
  • Type in your postal code to find out the name of your electoral district (riding) and the candidates running.
  • Research the platform of each political party with a candidate in your riding and choose which party cares about the issues you care about. Some of the party links are listed below.
  • Aren't sure? Vote Compass is an online tool that helps you determine which political party most aligns with your values.
  • Pick a date to vote: Vote on October 21st (election day) or on one of the advanced voting days listed.
  • Follow the steps listed on regarding voter registration, what to bring with you to your polling place and more.
  • Voting is easier than you think!
  • Follow parties and candidates on social media to get the latest news. You can also search on Twitter using these hashtags: #cdnpoli and #elxn43
  • Some ridings have all-candidates meetings where you can hear directly from the candidates themselves. Follow candidate websites and social media accounts for forum details.
  • Watch the federal leaders of five parties debate the issues. The official English-language debate is October 7th and the French-language debate is October 10th. Here’s how you can watch the debates.
  • Check out CBC's interactive site which tracks party commitments. 
  • Once you’ve chosen your candidate, if you’re really feeling the spirit, volunteer with their outreach team and go door-knocking to help spread the word.
  • Sign up for the e-newsletter of a special interest group you resonate with, like Generation Squeeze, the Assembly of First Nations or Greenpeace Canada. There are many so do some internet searches to find groups that hold your values.
  • Contact a candidate’s office to ask questions about the issues you care about. They have people there ready to take your call to tell you the candidate’s view on the issue. Sometimes you might even hear from the candidate directly!

Liberal Party of Canada:
Conservative Party of Canada:
New Democratic Party of Canada:
Green Party of Canada: 
Peoples Party of Canada:

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