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If you are 18-39 years of age, chances are you are concerned about housing affordability, having a secure job, climate change and mental health. In fact, numerous studies asked you what issues you are most concerned about and that's what you told us.* 

This election, young people have the chance to use their vote to tell government what issues need urgent attention––not just band-aid solutions that don't actually improve the daily lives of Canadians.   

Ever heard responses like these before?




Answers like this just doesn't cut it. At the YMCA, we are working for a Canada where everyone has a safe, healthy and secure place they call home; where you have the education, skills, support, and opportunities for meaningful, secure employment; where you are equipped to lead a life that feels good and functions well.

To help you use your voice, we've developed the "Canada We Want" campaign which gives you the tools to have conversations with others about these issues via social media using the hashtag #CanadaWeWant.  

Click below to download the tools:

You can also join the conversation with the YMCA via: * Abacus Data/National Youth Service Agencies Poll, 2018, and Lalonde (2018).
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