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We’ve had abundant hot weather and sunshine in Vancouver over the last few months so it seems impossible that we could have been less active over the summer… but sadly all those trips to craft breweries and doughnut shops don’t count as exercise. 

So you’ve decided September is the month you’re going to change things up. You’ve made up your mind! You’re ready to determine your goals, purchase new workout wear, download a few fitness apps, find some friends who have similar goals and schedules, throw the junk food out of your cupboards, get up an hour earlier every day and…

Wait. Hold the phone. You might be overdoing it.

The fall is a great time to recommit to an active routine and the most important thing you can do to get more active is to take the first step. Planning is great (in moderation), but often we overwhelm ourselves by trying to make too many changes at once. Rather than waiting for the perfect time, or to have your perfect 30 step plan in place—just start! You might surprise yourself with how easy it can be to add activity into your daily routine.   

If you think September is the month for you to make a change, here are five tips to help get you started on a journey towards a more active lifestyle:

  1. Take a step not a leap – How does five extra minutes of activity per day sound? You’ll be amazed at the difference a small amount of physical activity can make.
  2. Stay consistent – Results don’t come from binge exercising and then sitting on the couch for days. Do a little bit every day. Consistency is key!  
  3. Don’t be intimidated – Just because your office is full of marathoners doesn’t mean your five minutes a day is any less significant. Follow your own path.
  4. Try different things – Go for a walk one day, a swim the next day, then maybe ride a bike on another. The variety will stop you from getting bored and keep things fresh.
  5. Let your motivation find you – Still waiting for your “why am I doing this?” moment? Don’t worry, it will come! Be patient with yourself. Sometimes motivation doesn’t come easily, but there are plenty of reasons why an active lifestyle is important. You will find something that keeps you going.

Have a friend who wants to join the Y? Great! Let them know they won’t have to pay a joiner fee if they join before September 30th. 

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