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  • Remembering the Y in Wartime

    Posted 07/11/2017 2:34:15 PM by Sarah Miller

    Every November, we take time to remember and recognize the contributions made by veterans and current members of our armed forces. It is a time to stop and reflect on the heroic sacrifices made on our behalf that allow for the freedoms we enjoy as Canadians today.

  • Helping the YMCA of Mexico respond to disaster

    Posted 03/10/2017 1:14:03 PM by Sarah Miller

    Last month a devastating earthquake hit Mexico City. In the hours after the disaster, two of our staff came together to organize to send help to the YMCA of Mexico—with a little help from our YMCA friends around the world! 

  • An Ode to the Bagged Lunch

    Posted 06/09/2017 2:03:13 PM by Sarah Miller

    Does anyone really like packing a lunch? The answer is probably no, but the health and financial benefits are enough motivation for many to keep doing it! Buying your lunch can be pricey and the fast food options available during a typical lunch hour are often not always the healthiest choice. Yet coming up with quick and healthy options can be quite challenging.