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  • Five Benefits of Volunteering in Sport

    Posted 23/01/2019 8:08:13 PM by Vanessa Smit

    For many people, sports have played an impactful role in life. Those that have felt the power of sport might even be bold enough to say it has shaped who they are today. For some, their game of choice has made them better leaders, teammates or it has just made them smile. If that's you, maybe it's time to start thinking about ways to give back to the next generation of athletes. One way of doing that is by volunteering. 

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  • Family Healthy Living Program

    Posted 19/12/2018 5:38:16 PM by Vanessa Smit

    Times have changed. We’ve moved more to a digital screen friendly world and many of us are little more tempted to spend an extra 30 minutes or more watching our favourite show, online shopping or connecting with friends and family on social media. The downfall? We might miss out on in-person family connection and learning opportunities. 

  • New Canadian? New Business!

    Posted 06/11/2018 5:41:17 PM by Vanessa Smit

    Are you a newcomer to Canada with a business idea? Have you wondered how you could start a business in Canada? The new YMCA Self-Employment for Newcomers program might be exactly what you need to launch your business.