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  • YMCA War Services Remembered

    Posted 01/11/2019 3:00:00 PM by Tanya Colaco

    Remembrance Day is an opportunity to look back and reflect on Canadians’ incredible service during times of war. The YMCA is grateful for the many men and women who supported the YMCA War Services’ overseas efforts in both world wars; their devotion significantly improved the quality of life for our Canadian troops.

  • Peace Week 2019 & Social Issues in Canada

    Posted 01/11/2019 2:00:01 PM by Vanessa Smit

    You might know we have a lot of fun at the Y, but it’s not always fun and games especially when it comes to the things we take seriously, like social issues in Canada. With that in mind, we truly believe social issues are at the heart of peace. Knowing this we do what we can to see the barriers, understand them and find ways to help our community overcome them.

  • What is functional strength training?

    Posted 31/10/2019 1:09:38 PM by Gordon Goldsmith

    The Robert Lee YMCA recently installed a new turf space on their fitness floor. This area is to help support our members with functional strength training.  Learn more about this type of training and why it’s important to your health.