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The YMCA has more ways to stay and keep active. From drop-in fitness classes to swimming lessons for everyone in the family, 

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Personal Training

Get started with a YMCA Personal Trainer to help reach your fitness goals.  If you haven't worked with Trainer before, you'll be amazed how they can show new ways to train for the race, achieve your ideal weight, or just improve your overall well being. 

From now until September 30th, The Y has great rates on a variety of personal training packages. 

Number of sessions

September pricing per session Savings over Regular Pricing


$43.75 $21.00


$42.50 $52.00


$41.67 $88.00


$40.63 $201.00


$38.02 $527.00

These rates are only for the month of September so click here to get more information or contact the Fitness Desk at your local membership centre.