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Lisianthus began attending the new Nelson Park preschool last fall. Her dad Jamie has fond memories of attended YMCA programs as a kid and says he had been eagerly awaiting the day he could enroll Lisianthus in the YMCA early years program. 


“I remember her first day distinctly, we took her into the space, meet her wonderful teachers, Liz and Megan, and away she went, not looking back even once–which continues to this day,” laughed Jamie. “YMCA pre-school has had a profound and empowering impact on not only Lisianthus but our family as well.” The proud dad explained, “Lisianthus has grown in leaps and bounds, coming home potty trained, putting on her jacket by herself, building close relationships, singing songs we didn’t teach her, she is happier and healthier all thanks to the YMCA staff and program.” 


“As for our family, as Lisianthus has built friendships, so have we,” explained Jamie. ‘Ellie’s Mom’ became Charity; walking home together has become meet ups at the playground, and parents who were once strangers are becoming close friends. The YMCA truly brings people together, Lisianthus is building relationships with children and people with diverse backgrounds and life experience–and in turn so are we.”


“With the support of the YMCA, I look forward to watching Lisianthus continue to grow into an amazing big sister, and a strong, confident young woman.”