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The Langara Family YMCA serves more than 12,000 people each year. But the needs of the community are growing and the existing facility is too small and reaching the end of its useful life.

Simply expanding the existing building is not cost-effective. That's why the YMCA is taking the opportunity to build a larger new centre of community––a place to continue building resilient kids and strong families as our neighbourhood grows. Together, we can leverage the power of community to support one another, tackle our most pressing issues and provide more life-enhancing programs so everyone can thrive.

Community Engagement

Member and community engagement is important to the YMCA.  As part of our commitment to open dialogue with our communities, the YMCA hosted a Pre-Application Open House in May 2018 to share our exciting plans with our members, and our community, and to provide an opportunity for public input at this early stage.  Information from this Open House below:

A formal Rezoning was submitted in December 2018. Please visit the City of Vancouver's Rezoning Applications page to learn more. 

Langara YMCA rezoning process timeline

As part of the City of Vancouver’s official rezoning process, the City hosted a Public Open House on April 17th 2019 to solicit further feedback from the community. Please see below for information shared at this Open House:

The Proposal: The New YMCA will be 50% Larger

The new South Vancouver YMCA will be about 60,000 square feet and will include these new amenities:

  • Three pools, including:
    • 25-metre recreational, fitness and lane pool
    • Warm water pool to facilitate an increase in children's swim lessons, family play and seniors' aquatic fitness and rehabilitation
    • Whirlpool on deck for therapeutic use
  • Change rooms that cater to all ages and abilities, including:
    • Universal/Family change room open to all
    • Men's and Women's change rooms
    • Membership Plus change rooms that provide extra amenities
  • Cafe for connecting with others
  • Family Zone that includes multipurpose gathering spaces with programs designed specifically for helping families grow strong
  • Rooftop social area to spend time resting or playing together outside
  • Child care serving infants, toddlers, 3-5 year olds, preschool and school age children
  • Multipurpose rooms and gathering spaces so the YMCA can offer community programs, including employment, youth, immigrant services, chronic disease management, mental health and education programs
  • Larger strength and conditioning areas so you can be your strongest self
  • Underground parking to make accessing the centre easier for you and your family
  • A secured rental housing project, built on top of the YMCA facility, with 70 units. This project will deliver more rental units than required by City policy and a larger share of family-oriented units than required by City policy. The project will meet the City target of 30% non-market and 70% market rental units. These units will have direct access to the recreation, community, and child care resources in the YMCA facility.
  • A strata residential project with 158 units in a tower beside the YMCA. This residential component is consistent with the goals of the Cambie Corridor Plan, which seeks to increase housing near rapid transit stations.

Helping you reach your full potential

More life-enhancing programming will be possible with this revitalization:

  • Youth will learn leadership skills, gain confidence and meet positive role models in a safe environment
  • New immigrants will meet others, practice English and learn about life in Canada so they feel more comfortable in their new home
  • People of all ages will learn job skills and get support to find fulfilling employment
  • Families will grow together by meeting other families and by getting the support they need to raise healthy children through programs designed specifically for them

Transitioning for the better

A new centre of community of this size requires that the existing Langara Family YMCA close for two years. We plan on closing in approximately early 2021 and re-opening around 2023. During the revitalization, we will continue to offer a number of programs elsewhere in the community, including YMCA Healthy Heart, table tennis and others.

Our beloved staff team will have the opportunity to apply to work at the new Coquitlam YMCA which is scheduled to open around the same time as Langara closes. We are growing our Y to serve more communities, and the number of job opportunities will grow with it.

How can you help?

This is a big milestone for the Langara Family YMCA, and one that will ensure the YMCA is equipped to serve the changing needs of families and individuals in our South Vancouver community. To learn how you can help, contact

Got a question or a concern?

For YMCA questions, please contact Samuel Lapating, General Manager of the Langara Family YMCA:

For questions about the development process and building concept, please contact Nicole Olenick:

Nicole Olenick, Planning Consultant
Coriolis Consulting Corp.