Chilliwack Membership FAQ

We hope this answers some your questions about the new Chilliwack YMCA. 

What are the Membership rates of the new Chilliwack YMCA?

Our membership rates are available here. Also, The YMCA is a charity that ensures that no one is turned away for financial reasons. Learn more about our YMCA Financial Assistance program here

Can I visit other YMCA’s with my membership?

Yes! You have access to other YMCA in Greater Vancouver as well as across Canada.

What is included in an adult YMCA membership?

There a ton of benefits to a YMCA membership! Read about them here.

What is included in a children’s YMCA Membership at Chilliwack?

We want to make sure kids are well served at the YMCA. Just a few of the benefits are continous swimming lessons, our Physical literacy program called Y Move, and our new program called Y Play.

Why did you replace childminding at Chilliwack YMCA with Y Play? 

We are excited to pilot a new program at the Chilliwack YMCA called Y Play. We believe every visit to the Y is a chance for a developmental experience for a young child. We have designed Y Play to be an essential part of a child's membership. 

If you have additional questions, please email us at or drop by at 48544 Hocking Avenue.