Personal Trainers

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A'laura Rowe


Her Philosophy:  "No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch"


  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • TIME Certification
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Certification 

Interests and Sports:

  • Spending time with daughter
  • Baking
  • Working out Body Building style



Arpn Kainth

His Philosophy: "There are no shortcuts to your goals. Simply work hard, stay honest to yourself, and see results. By staying true to yourself your goals will be accomplished." 


  • BCRPA Personal Training Certified 
  • BCRPA Older Adult Certified 
  • BCRPA Weight Training Certified 
  • BCRPA Fitness Theory Certified

Interests and Sports

  • Basketball
  • Working out


Brent Rarama

His Philosophy: "We all have the potential to be a self-made success story."


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • INFOFIT Group Fitness Certification

Interests and Sports

  • Olympic Lifting
  • Weight loss programs
  • Researching different diets and exercises
  • Working on his business



Katie Atkey

Her Philosophy: “Fitness is a lifestyle there will be bumps, and struggles along the way. Roll your sleeves up. You will learn  to love the process."


  • 2010 CSEP- CPT certification
  • 2010 Degree in Kinesiology from UFV
  • 2007 Associates in Sport Science from Douglas College
  • 2016 TIME (Together in Movement and Exercise)
  • 2011 Implementing Plyometrics
  • 2012 TRX and VPR Training
  • 2015 functions strength- the linked system twist methods

Interests and Sports

  • Sports: Snowboarding, Soccer, Hockey- Go Canucks Go! 
  • The outdoors- hiking, biking
  • Traveling
  • Working out- pushing myself to new levels
  • Researching different exercises 

Mitchell Hallman

His Philosophy: "The body achieves what the mind believes" 


  • BCRPA Personal Training Certification

Interests and Sports

  • Working out: lifting heavy things up and putting them back down
  • Soccer
  • Hockey: Cheering for the Pittsburg Penguins





Nathan McMurphy-Barber

His philosophy “The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit."


  • Bachelors of Physical Education and Kinesiology (3rd year)
  • BCRPA Personal Training Certification
  • Sports science Diploma
  • SportsMed B.C. Certification
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Certification

Interests and Sports

  • Rugby
  • Teaches Shapedown
  • Sport specific training
  • Working Out- working on his own personal fitness 

Sunny Sahota

His Philosophy: “Make your dreams your reality!


  • Certified personal trainer (BCRPA)

Interests and Sports

  • National and Provincial medals in Freestyle Wrestling
  • Programs related to weight loss, muscle building or endurance
  • Working out
  • Driving myself to reach personal goals



Bianca Schiavone (Fitness Supervisor)

Her Philosophy: "It's never too late to follow dreams and set goals. You can do anything you set your mind to. The key is to never give Up." 
  • BCRPA Personal Training Certification
  • BCRPA Weight Training; BCRPA Aerobic Instructing; BCRPA Third Age; BCRPA Aqua Fit Pre/Post Natal
  • Cyclefit Instructor; Group Power Instructor; Tabata Instructor
  • Volunteer Soccer and Football Conditioning Coach    
Interests and Sports
  • Being a mom of two amazing boys! 
  • Two-time triathalete 
  • Three-time bodybuilder competitor, including competing at the BC Provincials
  • Coach of her son's sports team.
  • Fitness and sports are her passion and she truly loves what she does.  

Hanif Teja 

His Philosophy:  "The choices you make will determine the life you are going to live."

About Hanif: Hanif’s journey in fitness began at an early age playing various sports like hockey, soccer, rugby and tennis. Throughout high school Hanif was an elite wrestler, winning several tournaments including being part of three provincial championship teams. Today Hanif maintains an active lifestyle by working out regularly, teaching fitness classes, and eating healthy. He has a passion for running whether it’s for fun, completing in 10K races, half marathons or full marathons, he continues to challenge himself to achieve his personal best. He loves to help others achieve their personal best. 



  • Canfitpro Certified Personal Trainer Specialist
  • START Fitness Certified Bootcamp Instructor
  • First Aid and CPR level A certified


Andrew Tsang

His Philosophy: "I believe in challenging yourself, mixing it up, and learning new things. Philosophy Everyday do something to improve yourself, big or small, and you will undoubtedly become the person you want to be."


  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics UBC CFES 
  • Personal Training Certification
  • BCAK Certification (British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists)

About Andrew: "I grew up as a competitive hockey player. Through my experience as an athlete, I learned how to train and eat right to enhance my performance on the ice. My interest in health and fitness led me to pursue a degree in Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan. During university, my main focuses were on rehabilitation, functional training, and optimizing athletic performance. I also work as an exercise leader for Shapedown BC (weight management) and the YMCA Healthy Heart program (cardiac rehabilitation). My fitness interests include a wide range of activities such as hockey, swimming, and mixed martial arts." 


Jaqueline Aguirre

Her Philosophy: Live to your potential. There may be straggles along the way, but don’t give up and you will succeed!

Jaqueline has been passionate about fitness since her earlier years. At an early age she new the benefits of physical activity and different sports benefits, but what inspired her the most is weight training and weight lifting. Here strength is what drives her, and helping others reach their goals. There is nothing more she love the most.


BCRPA Personal Training Certification
Mossa Group Power Instructor
Opex First Level
TIME (Together and Movement and Exercise)
Living with Parkinson