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There's a little boy at the centre named Max. His mom, Laverne, made a courageous decision to leave her abusive partner for the safety of herself and Max. 

  She was determined to give Max all the supports he needed to get the best start at life. That is what brought her to the YMCA Child Care Centre, and thanks to donors like you, we could welcome them with open arms. 

Little Max had not played with many toys before, so he didn’t know what to do with them. Equally perplexing were the other kids—he had no idea how to play. Frustrated, Max would resort to throwing things and acting out. 

The staff developed a plan for Max, slowly introducing him to certain toys and modelling play for him. Soon, through this consistent and attentive care he started to understand. He was able to settle in, focus on the activities and play nicely with the other children.  

While Max is in a safe, nurturing environment, Laverne registered for school and is studying to be an early childhood educator. We’re thrilled with this career choice, as she will be such a positive role model for other mothers.   Laverne is benefiting from all the extra support provided by the centre including working with the family support worker. She has learned to make her own home cooked meals with the nutritious produce provided in the healthy food bags, and has taken advantage of the extra supports, such as visits to the centre from the dentist.    The stability and consistency of care provided by the staff has really helped Max, and his mom too. Laverne continues to be eager to learn more about how to care for her son and has gained a deep appreciation of parenthood and the importance of the early years.   With the help of the YMCA and donors like you, Laverne and Max broke an unhealthy pattern and made a fresh start toward developing their potential. Now thriving, Max is a confident, sweet boy and Laverne will graduate from her program in August.