The YMCA Youth Digital Storytelling Program works in cooperation with schools and other community organizations to identify vulnerable youth and provide them with opportunities to grow and develop as young leaders. It empowers young people to find and express their own voices while making a healthy and active impact on their community. Using technology as a way of promoting active learning, group work, and team building, youth work on projects that help them develop positive relationships and leadership skills. Youth use digital media to tell stories about community and social issues that they are passionate about. The YMCA Youth Digital Storytelling Program encourages safe, meaningful conversations about topics important teens and encourages them to critically analyze media, produce digital content, and use social networks for advocacy of what they are passionate about. The program also includes a strong physical component, to encourage youth to develop a healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about how you can donate to support the YMCA Youth Digital Storytelling Program contact:

Cathryn France