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Alternative Suspension

A suspension from school doesn’t have to be a negative experience. The Alternative Suspension program is designed to provide immediate intervention for students who are experiencing academic and behavioural difficulties and are at risk of academic failure or eventually withdrawing from the school system. Run in partnership with the Abbotsford, Surrey and Coquitlam school districts, this...

Active Brains

Brains need more than books to develop, they need a healthy dose of interactive fun. Children can read, play board games, build and/or finish up some homework. This drop-in program is included for YMCA Members.

Games Galore

It's your turn! Games Galore lets kids choose from a variety of games that teach valuable life skills, such as problem solving and cooperation. Lego, puzzle games, Jenga and more! This drop-in program is included for YMCA Members.

School Age Creative Play

It’s easier to learn when you’re having fun! Kids explore their creativity and imagination through activities such as drama, art, games, and circle timeand much more. This drop-in program is included with YMCA Membership.