This is a fun and dynamic group indoor cycle workout. Join our trained instructors as they lead you through a variety of interval challenges to improve cardio and strength. The energetic music and positive encouragementwill motivate you to meet your fitness goals.

Fit4Two® Mommy & Baby Spin & Strength

This class allows mom to fit in a Cyclefit workout and attend to baby’s needs at any time. Includes intervals of hill climbs, speed work, endurance riding, postnatal core work and flexibility. Your instructor will take you on a journey that strengthens your legs muscles, burns fat and increases your metabolism. It's also a great way to meet other parents who share in the wild and crazy...

Power Cycle

Get pedalling! This workout uses athletic drills to build strength and endurance. A perfect class for both indoor and outdoor cyclist of all skill levels.

Sweat Cycle

Short, sweet & satisfying! Join us for this express class that strengthens your muscles while efficiently burning calories and slimming your waistline. This condensed class is a great way to sneak in a workout during your lunch hour or an extra busy day. Plus, it's fun! Energetic music and the positive encouragement of our trained instructors will make you smile as you strive towards your...