Ages 6 to 12

GLIDE Academy (Guided Learning Instrumental to Dynamic Enrichment) runs at Mary Jane Shannon Elementary. This Academy site will provide a safe, supportive, and enriching environment that removes the barriers to participation for those most disadvantaged in the community while expanding horizons through targeted exposure to a wide variety of career themes. Students will have an opportunity to engage in project based learning that builds skills to increase confidence and connection to school and find their own personal niche that may lead to gainful employment outcomes in their future.

GLIDE is one of the RBC Academy Programs supported by the YMCA of Greater Vancouver. The RBC Academies are a collection of intensive afterschool programs that operate within and serve the students and families of Surrey School District inner-city schools.

Funded by the RBC Foundation’s After-School Grants Project they help to ensure children and youth access learning and skill development opportunities that will help them stay in school and prepare them for their future.  Specific program objectives mandated by the funder are to:

  • Encourage and reinforce social skills and recreational skills development, and academic achievement
  • Increase self-esteem through skill development activities
  • Provide a safe environment
  • Encourage and develop links and partnerships between school, home and community
  • Provide a free program to participants
  • Provide programming designed to assist children and youth in at-risk or underserved communities

Please note that RBC Academy programs are not open for registration. Participants are identified and selected by school administrative staff.

For other after school programs offered by the YMCA, please check our After School Program page.

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