Mom+1 Spin and Yoga is all about balance. Half spin and half stretch, this class will allow you to make the most of your time by implementing the benefits of cardiovascular training, in addition to creating time and space to revisit or establish a meaningful yoga practice. This class fosters bonding with your baby, connection to a community of other new moms and the opportunity for babies to socialize with one another. This class is taught by a certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist and registered Yoga Instructor, making it ideal for those interested in pre and postpartum yoga and fitness. All fitness levels are welcome.
*Non-mobile babies only please*

This class is offered in partnership with The Motherhood Project.

About The Motherhood Project

The Motherhood Project focuses on Pre and Postnatal wellness from a holistic point of view through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. They prioritize the physical, mental and emotional health of mothers and offer community, connection and support in a variety of ways. Women's perinatal health is their specialty. They continuously seek additional training and certifications themselves in an effort to bring the most current and relevant approach to the group.
In addition to fitness and yoga, they offer other wellness and support services such as workshops and education offered through allied professionals, support groups and more. Their goal is to minimize the isolation experienced by many during this vulnerable time. They also aim to connect moms with resources and other moms while, at the same time, offering safe and appropriate fitness and movement.

The Motherhood Project YMCA Partner

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