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Ages 13+

Learn the process of foam rolling (self myofascial release) and optimize your training results, look better, reduce pain and the chances of injury.

Some benefits of Foam Rolling are:

  • Increased blood flow to your muscles, which improves delivery of oxygen during your workout
  • Helps to relieve muscle tension, especially after a hard workout
  • Increased range of motion. The action of foam rolling can help to stretch out and lengthen your muscles, which can help you get optimal training results.
  • Decrease recovery time. Foam rolling can help with muscle repair so you aren’t left feeling as sore and sorry the next day.
  • Relieve symptoms of chronic pain. Foam rolling may help with muscle tissue quality (tone) and reduce pain.

Please note: Individuals that find it difficult to support their own bodyweight while in the “plank” position (on forearms and elbows), and/or struggle with getting to and from the floor may find the class unsuitable.

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NOTE: Registration for this program is not yet open.

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