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Are you looking to continue enhancing your health while living with a heart condition or cardiovascular disease? YMCA Healthy Heart Maintenance is a community-based cardiac prevention, rehabilitation and maintenance program, that supports people living with cardiac risk through education and supervised exercise. This program is the stepping stone that helps you sustain all the skills developed in the YMCA Healthy Heart program. 

Similar to YMCA Healthy Heart, YMCA Healthy Heart Maintenance is a program designed to help cardiovascular patients and those at risk of developing heart disease take an active role in improving their health, increasing their physical fitness, and reducing the risk of future heart problems. We help patients through an individually designed program including:

  • Evidence based cardiac risk reduction
  • Maintenance cardiac exercise classes
  • Weight management
  • Social activities for participants and families
  • Peer support

Participants need to be referred to the program by their doctor and participation is included in Langara Family YMCA Memberships.

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