The Y at Gibsons & Area Community Centre

Ages 12 to 18

Youth need spaces to connect with one another without being told what to do. A safe, comfortable space where they can hang out, make friends, be themselves—discover and reach their potential. That’s exactly what our Youth Drop In is—a free space just for teens ages 12-18.

Work on personal projects or homework, play pool or basketball, use our kitchen or green screen (yes, green screen!), or just relax. Whatever you want, this space is for you. Potlucks, hula-hoop contests, you decide.

Need some money to start a community project? We can hook you up with up to $200!
We offer subsidies from $20-$200 for youth leading community building projects that help strengthen relationships between youth and/or benefit the community. Subsidies can help with buying equipment, paying for traveling expenses, printing materials and much more. Whether it’s an a cappella choir, an animation making club, a young feminists or public art initiative, we’d love to help.

Need some space to meet, do or plan something? Book a room!
Need to bake 100 cupcakes for a fundraiser? Need a space to meet with your monthly club? Need a studio to record your latest podcast? We can help! Our kitchen, meeting spaces and recording studio are available for your use completely free.

Drop by for a visit, or to learn more contact


Operated in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Regional District

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