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Sarah and her mother came to Canada this spring asrefuges from Japan. Before moving, Sarah’s motherworked hard to save money to build a life in Canada,however, this did not include any funds for summeractivities. Sarah’s mother heard about the YMCAthrough a friend, and applied for camp for her daughter,in hopes that Sarah could make new friends and learnabout Canadian culture.

Sarah had a fantastic experience, saying, “It has beenmy best memory of the summer. I could be friends withso many people, and I also could learn English a lot. Icould join too many activities; I even row a canoe to anisland and tent there! I especially had fun with spendingtime with my friends in cabin. Eating together, playinggames, chatting before bed time... every moment I hadthere became my treasure. I love all of the friends I metin the camp. If there’s a chance, I’d like to meet everyonein the camp again.”

Sarah returned telling her mom her summer campexperiences had helped her to grow up, and her newfriends will always stay in her heart. “Sarah and I aredeeply appreciative to all the staff at YMCA CampElphinstone and their donors for their kindness, whogave Sarah the opportunity to attend by giving ussubsidy. All I can say is thank you very much.”