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Sarah was struggling with depression before attending Youth Mindfulness at the Y. She remembers, “I didn’t even show up to the info session the first time my name was called because I was just too depressed.” But when the Y invited her again, for the next intake period Sarah for the courage to go. Today, she’s thankful that she did. “I can’t stress enough how helpful the YMCA Youth Mindfulness program is,” Sarah says. “It changed my life.” 

“I am still discovering the ways in which the Y-Mind program has changed my life for the better”, said Alex, another grateful Y Mind participant. “I learned so much about myself, how my mind works and about anxiety. Before I joined the group I often felt alone and isolated with my anxiety, but now I know that I am not alone and I have a group of people that I can reach out to that all share the same struggle…The things I learned in the sessions I will take with me on my journey to become more mindful, self-compassionate and healthy in all aspects of my life.”