Nicolas Chehebar from Argentina was extremely grateful to participate in the YMCA’s Youth Peace Network last summer.

“Peace was one of the most important things I lived this summer. I experienced it at camp and in every activity of the YMCA. I talked with so many people from other cultures about their beliefs, thoughts and their own cultures. I found so many different ways to see the world, some of them were very interesting and very new (for me). Some of the thoughts I agreed with, but I also found opinions that were opposite to mine and that I am in total disagreement with. Instead of turning back and going to another place as maybe I would have done in the past, I decided to listen, to ask, to know more about it and to try to empathize with their context and thoughts. I not only respected their opinions, I accepted them as important even if they are different from my own. I do not think this would have happened if I had I not been a Youth Peace Network participant. 

The way you have supported the program made me have an experience that is once in a lifetime, that opened my mind and, I am sure, that will change my life. For me that is much more valuable than any amount of money. Thank you - you have changed so many lives with your support.”